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Why Choose Sheraton?
Allowing someone into your home to help you or your loved one is never a simple decision. At Sheraton Caregivers understand this and have spent over 20 years developing a home care program that can make the choice easier for you. Their care management will help match you to a caregiver that will understand your unique needs and personality. This is accomplished through an in-depth care assessment and caregiver interview process, which allows you to meet potential caregivers in advance. This advance planning and preparation equips you and your loved one with the time and information necessary to make a comfortable and confident choice.

Personal Care Assistance

They work with their clients to customize a personal care plan that fits their specific needs. Their wide range of personal care services includes both full and standby assistance.


Their caregivers can assist with the following personal care:

Shower, bath, and sponge bath

Bathroom activities such as incontinence, inconsistency, and accidents

Personal hygiene includes haircare, skincare, oral hygiene, and denture care

Dressing and grooming our caregiver can assist with dressing and personal grooming

Assistance with mobility such as walking, exercise to retain and strengthen mobility


Medication Reminders


Medication management plays an important role in the daily lives of individuals with cognitive and/or physical impairments. Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, for example, are often prescribed medication to prevent memory impairment, promote sleep, reduce anxiety, and improve mood. Our care manager and RN review all medication lists and inform or any newly prescribed medication. Our caregivers ensure that you or your loved one is taking the correct medication at the appropriate time of day by maintaining a medication log.


Meal Preparation and Planning

Sheraton Caregivers collaborates with you and your loved ones to discuss dietary restrictions or personal food preferences. We encourage healthy eating habits for our clients by creating specific, nutrient-dense meal plans. Our caregivers prepare meals that are nutritious and delicious for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sheraton Caregivers has partnered with Mom’s Meals, an organization that can deliver nutritious meals straight to your home.

We understand that physical environments greatly affect our well-being. Maintaining a clean and safe home can help bring you or your loved one a sense of calm and relaxation. Housekeeping is an essential part of the client’s overall experience with Sheraton Caregivers. By maintaining a clean environment, important items are less likely to be misplaced or pose as an obstacle to a senior’s mobility.


You can expect the following services for our caregivers:

Maintain cleanliness at home

Dusting, mopping, vacuuming and sweeping

Bathroom maintenance for a sanitary environment

Bedroom maintenance like changing linen

Collection and taking out the trash


Kitchen maintenance, such as cleaning the kitchen countertops, microwave, and fridge.


Through careful planning on the part of our care managers, we match our A Caregiver who offers steady companion care to you, caregivers, to our clients who best matched their personalities and interests. or your loved one often becomes a true and trusted


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