Trailer Partial Wrap- Defeo Manufacturing- Brookfield, CT

Defao trailer

The founder of the company, Artie Defeo, worked for an Allison Dealer in the 1970s, into the early 1980s. The dealership he worked for at the time was having availability issues getting a part from the Allison factory. The part was needed to complete an Allison transmission project for a local utility company. A few weeks went by, and the part was still unavailable from the Allison Factory. Artie couldn’t wait any longer and took matters into his own hands. Using his machining background, he fabricated a replacement part he could use in place of the part that was unavailable from the Allison factory. This part functioned and performed great, and word quickly got around the industry that Artie had these replacement parts in stock. Soon, the other companies that were having the same issue getting this part from the Allison factory started to call Artie. The part Artie had developed was not only in stock but was at a much more affordable price than what the Allison factory was offering. A light bulb when off in Artie’s head, and one part became two, two soon became four, so on, and so on. Before he knew it, a business was born. In 1984 he took his idea of selling commonly needed replacement parts for Allison Transmissions.

 Their mission statement – To provide their customer with the best quality parts and services in the industry, allowing them to obtain the most cost-effective solutions to their Allison Transmission needs while minimizing downtime.

Anthony Defeo wanted his trailer wrapped. Unlimited Signs Designs and Graphics was happy to do that service for them. We used vehicle wrap and laminate to print the graphics on. It took almost a day to put the graphics on due to the ridges and rivets on the trailer. If you are thinking about wrapping your trailer, please do not hesitate to call at 203-546-7267. Please check us at for more information.