The making of a military(Marine) clock, Wingdale, NY


making of a military clock

A customer wanted something special for her boss. Her boss got a promotion and was leaving to Arizona. She wanted to buy a special gift to give to her boss. Originally she wanted a name plate for her boss’s new desk in Arizona. But we did not have the plaque material in stock. She needed the gift right away. We tossed around a few ideas that we could make in one day. One item we knew we had in stock was a round glass clock. Since we had the clock materials in stock,  we decided the clock will work. Knowing about the customer’s boss, we suggested that the numbers on the clock be rifles since the boss was a shooter in the Marines. Since we are proud of our military, we have all the military logos. We used the Marine logo in the middle of the clock and his name on top. The customer was so excited.

 How to make a custom clock. All you need is an imagination of what you want on the clock. If you want a picture, the picture should be high resolution such as 300 pixil per inch. Make sure you know the numbers on the clock will be over the picture. If you want lettering or logos, just let us know what you want. Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics will help you create a custom clock.

Custom Clocks are great for offices, kids rooms and other types of space. It tells a story, idea or it is just plain funny. Time is not always important because people use their cell phones for the time all the time. However, a clock is unique. It is a frame on the wall that tells the time and if it is custom tells a story of who you are, what you like and want to show off.

 If you are interested in a custom clock. Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics can create one with you. Just stop by our store at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield CT 06804. Call us at 203-546-7267 and or check us at our website at No job is too small or large.