Standoff Sign, The Christian Church Gathering, Bethel, CT

Gatering church

Sometimes it is hard to find the right sign for your business. However, in this particular situation, it is a church. The Christian Church Gathering wanted a standoff sign with their church symbol. Since the church is located in an office building, the standoff sign will stand out more for their service members to locate.

What are Standoff Signs?

 Unlike traditional signage, standoff signs are designed to be mounted with specialized hardware, which consists of a barrel, cap, and wall screw. With this hardware, displays are able to pop out from the wall on which they’re mounted. As a result, standoff signs have an eye-catching, 3-D effect.

 Why choose Standoff Signs?

  • Attractive look: Standoff signage has greater visual appeal than traditional signage, which is important when you want to draw attention to a particular display.
  • Sturdiness: Due to how standoff signage is constructed, it’s often sturdier than traditional signs held up with tape or adhesive. There’s much less risk of your display falling and suffering damage when you select this option.
  • Affordability: The standoff signage we offer is very reasonably priced. And when you factor in the enhanced look and reliability of standoffs, the overall value surpasses many other options out there.
  • Easy mounting: No matter who oversees mounting your signage, they’ll find it easy to do when you opt for standoff signage. In fact, most of the work is done for you, as such signs are fabricated so that the hardware can be easily attached.

The Christian Church Gathering wanted a sign next to their office door in BethelUnlimited Signs made the sign with vinyl on acrylic and put it up using Standups. For more information on a Door Sign with Standoff, check out our website at Stop by our Store at 72 F Grays Bridge Road Brookfield, CT or call us at 203-546-7267