Building Sign, Prince of Peace- Preschool, Brookfield, CT


Celebrating their 53rd year of "building the future'!!

On September 10, 1966, the Prince of Peace “Day Nursery” opened as an outreach of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in response to a community need for a quality program for children.  The school began small:  they planned for ten children and two teachers and in fact, had twenty children enrolled their first year.  The “Day Nursery” has undergone two name changes over the years.  In 1985 the school was recognized as Prince of Peace Nursery School and in 2010 the name became Prince of Peace Pre-School, as it remains today.  The pre-school was first awarded accreditation in 1999 by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and proudly maintains this achievement. The Director and Assistant Director are responsible for the school on a daily basis and work with an appointed Pre-School Committee.  There are sixteen highly qualified teachers and teacher assistants on staff.

Spanish Program
Prince of Peace Pre-School received a generous grant from the Brookfield Education Foundation and will begin offering pre-school Spanish classes.  Daily, the children will participate in an age-appropriate 10-minute introductory Spanish lesson.  The Spanish program will commence with their 4-year-old children.  They are excited about this new addition to their curriculum, which will coincide with the kindergarten program beginning at Center Elementary School in Brookfield


Their Special Classes


The children have a twenty-minute music class weekly.  Songs, rhymes, rhythm instruments, and creative movement are incorporated into this enrichment class.

Once a week each child has a science class in our Science Lab.  Developmentally appropriate “life science” lessons are presented in small groups.

Dance classes are offered to children following their pre-school class sessions.  These classes are offered with "Miss Alysa".

Yoga classes are offered to children following their pre-school class sessions.  These classes are offered through “Stretch and Glow”. 

Each class is scheduled for individual time on our spacious playground.  During inclement weather, activities are planned for in our “gym”. The opportunity to participate in large motor activities indoors or outdoors is an integral part of our curriculum.


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