Building Sign, Interpersonal Wellness, Danbury, CT

Counseling Services

Because life is worth celebrating


"Through loving ourselves and one another, we will find peace."


Common Topics They Help With



Family Conflict

Unhealthy Family/Relationship Patterns

Intimacy and Sexual Dysfunction




Pre-Marital Counseling/Mediation

Family Planning

Fear of Commitment, Rejection, Abandonment





Supporting Child Through Difficult Times

Child's Academic Performance


Oppositional/Defiant/Risky Behaviors


Attachment Concerns

Teen Pregnancy

Single Parent Support


Philosophy and Intent:


I wanted to offer a safe place for people to explore their beliefs about themselves, family, relationships, and how the world should work.  With understanding our beliefs, we can better understand and articulate to others the meaning we assign to people's actions.

These are the interactions that have the most potential to enhance our level of intimacy with others.

They are also the windows to exploring and challenging relational patterns to initiate changes.


On the other hand, if the patterns people are engaging in are serving them, that is recognized and respected here.


The intent then is to help people get to a better place where they don't have to rely on those old patterns for a sense of stability.

They can learn and replace them with more functional relational patterns.


Because ultimately, what keeps us stagnant is not a lack of knowledge,

but discovering a way to integrate changes into our lives in the least disruptive way possible.  



-Linda Tran, MS, LPC




Abuse (Emotional/Verbal, Physical, Sexual)


Witnessing/Experiencing a Traumatic Event

Terminal Illness (Self or Loved One)


Grief and Loss

Loss of Job

Life-Changing Impairment





Physical Health

Career Change

Work Stress

Self Esteem


Coping with the Impact of Legal Issues

Perinatal & Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

Other Anxiety/Mood Disorders

Anger Management

Eating Disorders

Substance Use


Severe Mental Illness



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