What are Blueprints?

According to Wikipedia, A blueprint is a reproduction of a technical drawing, an architectural plan, or an engineering design, using a contact print process on light-sensitive sheets. Introduced by Sir John Herschel in 1842, the process allowed rapid, and accurate, production of an unlimited number of copies.

Why are blueprint important?

Blueprints are used to map out where items are and locations

Whether you are an architect and or general contractor blueprints are needed. Both architect and general contractor share the same concepts that are follows:

What items on the blueprints are must have?

Must have floor plans:

According to Wikipedia, an architecture and building engineering, a floor plan is a drawing to scale, showing a view from above, of the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns, and other physical features at one level of a structure. Dimensions are usually drawn between the walls to specify room sizes and wall lengths.

Elevation drawing:

According to Wikipedia, ELEVATION means : The projections of an object when it is viewed from the front is known as elevation. Plan: The projection of an object when it is viewed from the top is known as Plan. Section: The projection of a cut section of an object is known as sections.

And other such as Door, Windows, Signs and etc. -

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