Fighter Plane decal- Danbury CT

plane decal

Mustangs, Mitchells, Catalinas, Flying Fortresses, Liberators, Corsairs. Combat aircraft that were everyday companions to airmen in the World War II generation have become extraordinary treasures to many in the next: symbols of the courage and sacrifice that even younger generations have come to regard as part of the national identity. The United States produced more than 300,000 airplanes in World War II.

Museums across the country have preserved and display these airplanes; some are exhibited in public spaces like Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, where a solitary F4F Wildcat honors Navy Medal of Honor winner Butch O’Hare.

One of our customers came in and wanted special decals for a World War Two fighter plane, North American P-51 MustangThe North American Aviation P-51 Mustang is an American long-range, single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber used during World War II and the Korean War, among other conflicts. The Mustang was designed in 1940 by North American Aviation in response to a requirement of the British Purchasing Commission.

What does P 51 stand for?

In 1948, the designation P51 (P for pursuit) was changed to F-51 (F for fighter) and the existing F designator for photographic reconnaissance aircraft was dropped because of a new designation scheme throughout the USAF.

Our customer wanted two decals on the plane. He called it a flying memorial for a good friend that passed away, Capt, Bill “Papa” Jenson and the other decal (the other side of the plane) is for his wife ‘Geri”. Most pilots from WW2 named their planes after their girlfriends or wife.

To do the plane decal we did the following: We use vinyl material and cut and weed out the letters. We put this on application tape. The customer then applied the letters to the plane. The plane was at his place. If you are interested in vehicle lettering or number, check out our website at

Custom Plaque, YMCA Brookfield CT

Ymca Plaque

YMCA, sometimes regionally called the Y, is a worldwide organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, with more than 64 million beneficiaries from 120 national associations.

 YMCA Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. Core Values: Caring: to demonstrate a sincere concern for others, for their needs and well-being.

Y.M.C.A. stands for “Young Men’s Christian Association,” which is commonly associated with the gyms that often provide temporary housing to men. The Village People sing about the YMCA as a place where you can hang out with all the boys. “Y.M.C.A.” is a song by the American disco group Village People. It was released in 1978 as the only single from their third studio album Cruisin’.

 Now the Y.M.C.A is evolving and is including women and children. Y.M.C.A is offering camps and other activities for children. YMCA Camp Greenknoll is more than just a day camp; they are a facility that offers campers ages 3-15 years a place where they can be themselves. They give campers the chance to build confidence through skill-building activities, positive developmental experiences and encouraging them to forge bonds with each other and staff. Campers experience a sense of achievement through opportunities in the outdoors and are welcomed to a physically and emotionally safe and stimulating environment.

 Y.M.C.A wanted to award their staff with a plaque. A plaque to thank the staff for their service of dedication to the Y family and community. Y.M.C.A made a handprinted 8 x 10 poster with the name of the staff and the fingerprints of the children. Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics then took this poster and laminated it, then mounted the poster to a plaque. For more information on a custom plaque, check out our website at, or stop by our store at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield, CT 06804. You can also reach us at 203-546-7267.

Indian Motorcycle, Air Cleaner Chrome Cover decal, Brookfield, CT

Chrome Indian Motorcycle cover

Who founded Indian Motorcycle?

 In 1897, George M. Hendee founded a bicycle production company called the Hendee Manufacturing Company. The bicycles carried brand names such as Silver King, Silver Queen, and American Indian, which was shortened to simply “Indian” and became Hendee’s primary brand name.

The first Indian Motorcycle was sold to a retail customer in 1902, and later that year an Indian Motorcycle won an endurance race from Boston to New York City in its public racing debut. Racers went on to win events and establish records riding Indian motorcycles:

 What is so great about the Indian Motorcycle?

 Becoming America’s First Motorcycle Company

In 1901, bicycle manufacturer, racing promoter, and former bicycle racing champion George Hendee hired Oscar Hedstrom to build gasoline engine-powered bikes to pace bicycle races. The machine he created proved to be powerful and reliable, establishing the company’s reputation for outstanding performance. Later that year the company’s first factory was established in downtown Springfield.

 The first Indian Motorcycle was sold to a retail customer in 1902, and later that year an Indian Motorcycle won an endurance race from Boston to New York City in its public racing debut. Racers went on to win events and establish records riding Indian motorcycles:

 The early 1920s were important years in the rise of Indian Motorcycle as several iconic motorcycles were introduced to the public. Unfortunately, Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company ceased operations and discontinued production of all models in 1953. 2010 Indian Motorcycle is coming back with a bright future upon our legendary past through technological innovations, rewarding partnerships, and an ever expanding lineup of authentic, iconic bikes. For more history about Indian Motorcycle goto

 When you have a motorcycle, you want to show it offYou want to stand out from the crowd. Our customer had an idea to decal the chrome air cleaner cover. He wanted a symbol of his accomplishment.

To do this we used vinyl material and cut and weeded the numbers and letters. The customer loved it.

For more information regarding decals of letters and numbers check out, Unlimited Signs and Designs website at


Kiosk Sign, Happy Landings, Brookfield, CT

kiosk map

What is a Kiosk? A kiosk can range from a small structure with one or more open sides that are used to vend merchandise (such as newspapers) or services (such as film developing),
a small stand-alone device providing information and services on a computer screen, a museum with interactive kiosks and or an open summerhouse or pavilion

However, in Brookfield, there is a kiosk in a tranquil park at 55 Whisconier Rd, Brookfield, CT called Happy Landing that will give you a map with directions to see beautiful scenery and you can see the history of the protected town-owned space located along Whisconier Road (Route 25) in Brookfield, CT.  For more information regarding Happy Landings, check out

Why people walk in the trails?

  • You are part of a community
  • Meet friends to enjoy the clean fresh area
  • People feel protected on trails, safe from crime and hazards
  • An inexpensive way to enjoy your day

What are the benefits of walking the trails?

You will get physical and mental health benefits such as:

Happy Landings (Town of Brookfield) loved the map we did for them.  Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics used vinyl for the map and mounted  the vinyl on Di Bond material. If you are interested in making a Kiosk sign or any other type of signage, Unlimited Signs Designs and Graphics can help you. Just check out our website at, or stop by our store at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield and or call us at 203-546-7267.  No job is too small or large.

The making of a military(Marine) clock, Wingdale, NY


making of a military clock

A customer wanted something special for her boss. Her boss got a promotion and was leaving to Arizona. She wanted to buy a special gift to give to her boss. Originally she wanted a name plate for her boss’s new desk in Arizona. But we did not have the plaque material in stock. She needed the gift right away. We tossed around a few ideas that we could make in one day. One item we knew we had in stock was a round glass clock. Since we had the clock materials in stock,  we decided the clock will work. Knowing about the customer’s boss, we suggested that the numbers on the clock be rifles since the boss was a shooter in the Marines. Since we are proud of our military, we have all the military logos. We used the Marine logo in the middle of the clock and his name on top. The customer was so excited.

 How to make a custom clock. All you need is an imagination of what you want on the clock. If you want a picture, the picture should be high resolution such as 300 pixil per inch. Make sure you know the numbers on the clock will be over the picture. If you want lettering or logos, just let us know what you want. Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics will help you create a custom clock.

Custom Clocks are great for offices, kids rooms and other types of space. It tells a story, idea or it is just plain funny. Time is not always important because people use their cell phones for the time all the time. However, a clock is unique. It is a frame on the wall that tells the time and if it is custom tells a story of who you are, what you like and want to show off.

 If you are interested in a custom clock. Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics can create one with you. Just stop by our store at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield CT 06804. Call us at 203-546-7267 and or check us at our website at No job is too small or large.

Fence Sign, Frasier Fencing, New York

frasier fence sign

Fence sign is popular around urban towns and states. Everywhere you go, you will see a fence to protect a house, building or dogsThere are two major types of fence that you can put a fence sign on Wood and Aluminum. Most wooden fences are for private use and are high maintenance, such as painting. Aluminum fences are used most often for schools and businesses.

 Here is an example of fence signs that are mounted on an aluminum fencing, mostly for businesses and schools:

  • Advertising sponsors at sporting events

  • Displaying contractor information at construction sites

  • Promoting properties for sale

  • Posting trespassing, surveillance, animal, and hazardous materials warnings

  • Alerting visitors to the possibility of injury on electric fences

  • Reserving parking for handicapped visitors and other VIPs

  • Providing navigational and directional information to visitors

Here is an example of fence signs that are mounted on a wooden fence. Depending upon the space between the slots, you can mount the signs by using zip ties or hammering nails.

  • No trespassing on private property

  • Beware of Dog

  • Warning- Please ring the bell before entering

  • Welcoming guests and personalize the entrance to your yard or lot.

If you need to pick a contractor for you to do your fence, whether residential or commercial, Frasier Fencing is your answer. Frasier Fencing is now servicing the following locations of Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester County, NY. They are also servicing Fairfield County and Greenwich, CT. Check out their website at for more information.

If you need a fence sign, Unlimited Signs and Design can custom make your sign. Check us at our website at, stop by our store at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield, CT 06804 or just call us at 203-546-7267 for more information. No job is too big or too small.  We cater to your needs.  

Brookfield Police Cut Out with Led Light- Brookfield, CT

Brookfield Police CutOut

Every police department in every distinct and state have different ideas when training young children about the police department. Each station of each town and state will have some information to give to their young community residents. The following are some of the samples giving to the young residents. Safety activity sheets such as SafetyPup Match Up Game, Jr. Police Badge – 5 to 6 point Star, Police Honorary Badge, wristbands, safety coloring books, I.D cards, Emergency cards and much more. For more information regarding safety, go to

Some Police Department offers a Safety Day for the young residents. The policeman will go over their safety tour with promotional items and might use their vehicle to show their sirens and horn. The parents this event because the kids will learn about safety and know their neighbors as well. Every child no matter what age they are needs to understand the law and safety of the town, state, and country.

Brookfield Police wanted to add something special to this event. They wanted a cutout or face in the hole of a police car so the kids can have their picture taking in a police car. Unlimited Signs thought something should be added to the cutout or face and hole. They wanted the police car to have led lights so the kids can actually press a switch and have the lights go on. We love to see children have a good time.

Cut Outs or Face and hole is great for Fundraiser too. For more information regarding led lights on cut outs and or face and hole, you can go to, You can also stop by our shop at Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield, CT 06804. If you get lost call us at 203-546-7267. No job is too small or too big for us.


Parking Signs- Ashley, Hacienda Don Manuel, Brookfield, CT

Ashleys Parking Signs

Hacienda Don Manuel Offers A Taste Of Mexico In Brookfield. Romero, who has 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry, having worked his way up from busboy to manager, made the move to owner when he purchased the Mexican restaurant Hacienda Don Manuel on Federal Road in Brookfield. The small bar area and large dining room are colorfully decorated with sombreros, serapes, Mexican flags and flowers. In addition, Hacienda Don Manuel has a patio area with a new gazebo for extended-season outdoor dining as well as a private party room. Romero commented that the party room has been especially popular for all types of events, from birthday celebrations to business holiday parties. You’ll find a little bit of everything on the menu. They serve the real deal Mexican food,” he noted. In addition to classic dishes like stuffed jalapenos, tacos, fajitas and chimichangas, you’ll also see unique entrees such as pork Osso Bucco in a chipotle sauce. Additionally, they rotate dinner specials every three weeks. And, on-trend, Hacienda Don Manuel offers tableside guacamole with house-made chips.

Here is what people are saying:

I was there for a birthday party. food was excellent and the staff and servers went out of their way to make sure everybody had what they wanted and enjoyed themselves. well done!

By far our favorite Mexican restaurant and “go to” spot! The service is always incredible: quick, attentive and everyone works together as a team to help you without making you feel rushed. The food is delicious…guacamole is the best. A must try.

They never disappoint! The food is fresh and delicious. The staff is friendly and welcoming! The best guacamole made fresh at your table.

Romero has grown so much they needed to borrow parking space from their neighbors Ashley. They have asked us, Unlimited Signs to make 10 parking signs. We printed the parking sign words and mounted them on 12 x 18 aluminum material.

If you are interested in parking space signs, stop by at our store at Unlimited Signs, 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield, CT 06804. Check out our website or call us at 203-546-7267

ATV Lettering for Sherman Volunteer Fire Department, Sherman, CT

Sherman ATV lettering

What is an ATV:

 All Terrain Vehicle or in short called as an ATV is basically a Land-based automobile capable of reaching remote areas where normals cars/bikes cannot reach. The main focus of an ATV is to provide comfortable and safe in uneven terrains. They function in environments like River banks, mountains, snow, Forests etc. Pretty much anywhere taking your everyday cars/bike isn’t practical.

 Why does a Fire Department use ATV:

 The same reason why we use the ATV it gets you places where your own vehicle cannot do. So, when there is an emergency and you cannot get to the place due to no access, the ATV is a good vehicle. Most of this vehicle need to have signage on them to indicate they are a fire department and you need to yield for an emergency.

John Tardy from the Sherman Volunteer Fire Department had a fundraiser in mine. The purpose of the fundraiser is to 1)provide an aspect of engaging family and children to take part in community participation. To know your neighbors in case of an emergency, increase your awareness of people who you are surrounded by and most of all 2) To have funds available so you will have the up to date fire equipment needed to save your life.

John Tardy asked us to do their ATV lettering. He gave us the font and color. To do this process, we use our X rite system and we cut the letters using our plotter. We then weed the letters and put the paper application on it. Then we put the letters on the ATV and peeled the paper.

John Tardy loved the job we did. If you are interested in putting letters on your ATV. Either stop by our shop at Unlimited Signs, Brookfield CT, go to our website at or call at 203-546-7267.

Pin Mounted- Building Sign, Newtown MediSpa, Fairfield,CT

Newtown Medispa pin mounted sign

While we were installing the channel letters and pin mounted signs, I wanted to find out how people like their spa treatment.  Here is a list of people responds:

If you want a top star place for a Medispa, Newtown Media is your answer. Here is a list of happy customers: Covered garage steps away from a sparkling, restful lobby. Everything and everyone is relaxed and welcoming. Fairfield’s Tanya M. explained each option and each step so that this nervous client was put at ease. I came away with an appropriate treatment which was subtle and met my specific needs.

  I did a LOT of research before choosing Newtown MediSpa. I am in the medical field myself and I am very cautious with my care. I have been to other medical offices for procedures in the past and have been receiving treatments for quite some time.

Well, I have never had such beautiful results. I look natural but I look 10 years younger. The facility is sterile and the staff is thorough and complete in their care. I am so so satisfied and will surely be returning. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.I am so pleased with Newtown Medispa. I see Deb, who is truly committed to the care and well being of the individual. She is a master at her craft and spends quality time on treating your specific needs detailing each treatment to look …

I am new to the MediSpa scene but have enjoyed getting to know Newtown MediSpa and what they have to offer. They are quick to greet you as you arrive in their lovely and tranquil waiting room. The staff is both pleasant and professional. 
The entire space is bright and beautiful, and just as important…very clean. 
I had the microblading treatment, and the result was PERFECT. I could not be more, please! I was nervous to do something semi-permanent, but Lacie created the perfect shape for my face. I would encourage anyone who is unhappy with their brows to consider this treatment. 
I am looking forward to scheduling more treatments at Newtown MediSpa, as they help me look my best!

Well, the list goes on and on.

 Debra loved the Pin Mounted Building sign at the back of the building. If you are interested in Pin Mounted sign, just call us at 203-546-7267 or check us at our website at