Pin Mounted- Building Sign, Newtown MediSpa, Fairfield,CT

Newtown Medispa pin mounted sign

While we were installing the channel letters and pin mounted signs, I wanted to find out how people like their spa treatment.  Here is a list of people responds:

If you want a top star place for a Medispa, Newtown Media is your answer. Here is a list of happy customers: Covered garage steps away from a sparkling, restful lobby. Everything and everyone is relaxed and welcoming. Fairfield’s Tanya M. explained each option and each step so that this nervous client was put at ease. I came away with an appropriate treatment which was subtle and met my specific needs.

  I did a LOT of research before choosing Newtown MediSpa. I am in the medical field myself and I am very cautious with my care. I have been to other medical offices for procedures in the past and have been receiving treatments for quite some time.

Well, I have never had such beautiful results. I look natural but I look 10 years younger. The facility is sterile and the staff is thorough and complete in their care. I am so so satisfied and will surely be returning. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.I am so pleased with Newtown Medispa. I see Deb, who is truly committed to the care and well being of the individual. She is a master at her craft and spends quality time on treating your specific needs detailing each treatment to look …

I am new to the MediSpa scene but have enjoyed getting to know Newtown MediSpa and what they have to offer. They are quick to greet you as you arrive in their lovely and tranquil waiting room. The staff is both pleasant and professional. 
The entire space is bright and beautiful, and just as important…very clean. 
I had the microblading treatment, and the result was PERFECT. I could not be more, please! I was nervous to do something semi-permanent, but Lacie created the perfect shape for my face. I would encourage anyone who is unhappy with their brows to consider this treatment. 
I am looking forward to scheduling more treatments at Newtown MediSpa, as they help me look my best!

Well, the list goes on and on.

 Debra loved the Pin Mounted Building sign at the back of the building. If you are interested in Pin Mounted sign, just call us at 203-546-7267 or check us at our website at

Pin Mounted- Lobby sign, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers, Brookfield, CT

expedia pin mounted sign

If you were to check out all the Expedia Cruise Ship Centers you will realize that all the signs are alike. From building signs, vinyl letters to Pin mounted letters. They are a franchise with a mission for people to have fun on their vacation. A vacation using a cruise line, with stress-free fun in the sun. When the customer asked us to do their signs, we, of course, ask when is the next cruise destination?

For the lobby sign, we used Pin mounted letters. What is the purpose of using Pin mounted sign?

 Pin mounted sign look more professional and elegant.

Pin Mounted Letter Signs. Pin mounted letter signs are made up of letters that are either cut out, cast, molded, or fabricated in materials such as metal, aluminum, brass or plastic mounted to a vertical surface. Our dimensional letter signs can be used either on an interior or exterior wall and stud or flush-mounted.

Expedia CruiseShipCenters is a travel agency franchise company established in 1987specializing in marketing and sales of cruise vacations. Come join the new Expedia Cruise Ship Centers and let them tell you about the cruises available for you to see. Their new location is on 67 Federal Road, Brookfield CT.

Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics did the pin mounted lobby sign. They installed the pin mounted letter by hanging the letters with studs, using our paper template to measure exactly where the letters should be, drill holes and add glue to secure the letters safety to the wall. Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics will custom all type of signs, such as pin mounted, vinyl letters and or building signs. For more information, go to our website at Call us at 203-546-7267 or stop by at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield CT, back of Shoprite parking lot. No job is too small or too large.

Custom Sign- Entice your office, Aquarium, Unlimited Sign, Brookfield Ct


1) It makes you appreciate nature at its best.

You can find more than 20,000 species of fish in this world and discover the uniqueness of every fish shape, size, and color. Most common fish for aquariums are:

Guppy. It is common to find this fish in many freshwater aquariums. …

PlatyFish. The platyfish can be put in the same class as the swordtails. …

The White Cloud Mountain Minnow. It is quite the small fish that you can use for your freshwater aquarium. …

Cory. …

Harlequin Rasbora. …

Kuhli Loach. …

Cherry Barb. …

Bristlenose Catfish.

2)Aquariums Can Improve Employee Mood

Dr. Mathew White of Exeter’s European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) provides the details. In brief, his study discovered that even the presence of an empty tank would relax individuals. Further, mood improvement increased as fish were added. The more fish, the better. Wonderful!

3.Aquariums Can Relax Customers

It’s important to bear in mind the full potential effect of this mood improvement. Aquariums can relax customers as surely as they can your employees.

4)Aquariums Deliver Powerful Health Benefits

It’s more than just mood improvement and relaxation. A study appearing in the journal “Environment and Behavior” suggests natural environments may improve well-being.

That’s right. The experiment found “significant” reductions in both blood pressure and heart rate when exposed to such environments. Moreover, this was the first known controlled experiment in the field.

If you do not want to feed fishes or clean up a fish tank, Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics can custom an aquarium for you. All it takes is a picture, wood and vinyl. We will install the sign for you too. Look up us at our website at or call us at 203-546-7267 for more information.

Channel Letters, Building Sign, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers, Brookfield CT


A customer from Expedia Cruise Ship Centers needed varies signs for her businesses. Since Expedia Cruise Ship Centers is a franchise we followed their rules of signage. The building sign must be Channel Letters.

 What are Channel Letters: Channel letters are custom-made metal or plastic letters commonly used in exterior signage on public and commercial buildings, and often internally illuminated. Unlit three-dimensional letters that are applied to sign panels or monuments are usually referred to as dimensional letters.

Why Channel Letters:

 1) Noticeable from a distance- Large and Bright, you can see from a highway in any type of vehicle or from a buildings

 2)Made with durable material that lasts a long time- Metal/Aluminum. This material is designed to last a long time despite all the regular exposure to the elements

 3)Uses LED lights vs Neon. LED lights conserve energy which costs less.

 You might think Expedia is for travels of airplanes and cars. Now Expedia is offering cruises as well. Expedia CruiseShipCenters is a travel agency franchise company established in 1987specializing in marketing and sales of cruise vacations. Come join the new Expedia Cruise Ship Centers and let them tell you about the cruises available for you to see. Their new location is on 67 Federal Road, Brookfield CT.

The customer loved the sign. Each channel Letter has its own light so the installation took several hours. When installing Channel Letters you must measure the whole building to give an exact measurement for the Channel Letter building sign. Each letter will have wires to plug into the light. If you want channel letters for your existing or new building, contact us at Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics. You can contact our website at or call us at 203-546-7267. If you want to stop by, our address is 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield, CT 06804. No job is too small or too big.

Channel Letters for a building sign, Newtown Medispa, Fairfield, CT

mediaspa channel letters

Debra Sullivan wanted a building sign for their new Fairfield location. She wanted the building signs to match the elegance of the town.

 Here is the list of why you should go to Newtown Medispa.

Newtown MediSpa is a recognized Expert Injector practice and is in the Top 2% of practices nationwide, for Botox, Juvederm, Kybella, and Coolsculpting.


  • In November 2018, Newtown MediSpa was awarded the MyFaceMyBody Aesthetic Practice Award for the Northeast. The prestigious MyFaceMyBody Awards is the largest and most internationally recognized awards program recognizing and rewarding aesthetic practices and brands for their customer service excellence. The awards are attended by hundreds of leading industry professionals, brands, journalists and celebrities every year and have always been a great opportunity to raise money for a well-deserved charity.

  • Debra Sullivan was also named to the peer-nominated 2018 TOP 100 AESTHETIC INJECTORS list for the USA! 

  • Newtown MediSpa has TWO Master’s trained CoolSculpting practitioners on staff.

 The owner, Debra Sullivan, PA-C, is an Allergan Medical Institute Faculty Member, and only one of two practitioners in Connecticut to hold that distinction.

 Debra is a master injector and also travels throughout New England and New York City to educate Physicians, APRN’s, PA’s, and RN’s on the proper technique and artistry of facial aesthetics.

  • Their practitioners have hundreds of hours of extra training in performing safe injections and laser treatments by attending elite training courses, master classes and one-on-one training sessions with our very own master injector and Allergen Faculty Member, Debra Sullivan, PA-C.

  • On average, they perform thousands of injections a month, placing us in the Top 4% of injectors in the nation, performing more injections than 96% of the practices across the nation.

  • They have completed more than 2,000 CoolSculpting treatments since we began offering this service (in January 2017),  making us the fastest growing CoolSculpting provider in Connecticut!


Originally, our customer wanted a lite box sign for a building sign. When we, Unlimited Sign went to get a building permit the town stated that the location where Medispa was in, only Channel Letters are provided. Make sure you do your homework before you make any signage or order any signage. If you are interested in channel letters, do not hesitate to call Unlimited Signs at 203-546-7267 or check us at our email at

Custom vehicle wraps, Monster Golf, Brookfield, CT

Monster vehicle wrap

Monster Golf just got bigger in 2017. Due to the massive need to expand, Monster Golf is now open in Bethel. This new expansion includes a new mini golf course, huge laser tag arena in a ropes course and of course who can forget the arcade. Here is what people are saying:

Amazing staff, Latisha was a great host and management was very helpful! My son was beyond happy with his laser tag birthday! The renovated space is very cool, open layout and the arcade is awesome. I highly recommend birthday parties here! Total bang for your buck!

I went through the ropes course, located above the miniature golf, as part of a team building event. Our group spent about 1.5 hours and we had a great time. The staff was friendly and very accommodating. I plan to go back with family. Awesome place, great upgrade from previous location, ropes course is amazing, can go on with a parent if you fit requirements, AMAZING/PROFESSIONAL/RESPECTFUL staff, ESP. Ms. Angel and Mr. Jerrod were beyond helpful and great! Will be back definitely.

Monster Mini Golf is the the best! The staff is incredible. If you have kids that want fun for a couple hours look no more! I even had fun and I am boring as heck!

If you are interested in creating ways to update your business vehicle but cannot figure out what you want, check out our website at and see under Vehicle Gallery of all the vehicles we have done. This will give you ideas what Unlimited Signs can do for you. If you have any questions regarding your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call us at 203-546-7267 or stop by at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield, CT 06804. Our shop is behind Shoprite. No job is too small or too big.


Reflective Vinyl Wrap- Fire Truck, Dodgingtown Fire Department, CT


 A customer from the Dodgingitown Fire Department needed their fire truck visible for night time emergencies. They just got another vehicle and wanted the new vehicle to look like the existing vehicle. The existed vehicle has reflective Chrevon Blue and White vinyl lettering and stripes.

What is Reflective Vinyl?This material is not self-luminescent. Its properties aren’t apparent in normal daylight conditions. It’s specifically designed to be visible at night when stricken with artificial light such as that from motor vehicle headlights. This reflective property makes the road signs legible after the sun goes down. There is no need to spend money on electric illumination

 What colors are mostly used on emergency vehicles?

Red-The choice of red probably resulted from the fact that the color red is associated with Stop and warnings in the U.S

 White- The choice is that it is easier to see and it is clearer.

 Blue – The choice is that people who have trouble seeing red often have no trouble seeing blue.

 Yellow– The choice of yellow results from the fact that the color is associated with Caution

How long does Reflective vinyl last? Most vinyl last from 5 to 7 years.

Dodgingtown Fire Department loves the Chrevon Blue and white colors. It represents their fire department colors. To do the processing of installing the lettering and stripes, we measure the truck. We use vehicle magnets to hold down the material, so we can secure the material and install it properly. For more information regarding installation, contact Unlimited Signs by calling 203-546-7267, go to their website at and or stop by at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield, CT. We are behind Shoprite and across the street from Brookfield, public works. No job is too small or too big. All our jobs are made custom, to meet the customer needs.

Custom Vehicle Wrap, Rocco’s Cafe & Delicatessen, Bethel CT


If you are in the mood for deli and or in the Bethel, Ct area, the best place to get deli, salad, soups, sandwiches, gourmet prepared foods and etc is Rocco’s. They have a five-star rating in Facebook and Google with testimonies like, Amazingly delicious, made to order, using the best of the best ingredients. Good selection of snacks/chips, as well as drinks, coffee, and hot teas. Local family owned, Super friendly! Great, fresh food, warm or cold! What else can be said? Great selection too. I just had their Pasta Fagioli today…perfect! And Rocco’s is great. My parents recently moved to Bethel from NJ and during a visit I had a hankering for a good deli sandwich. Rocco’s did not disappoint- the selection was great, everything was freshly made and service was relatively quick during a busy lunch hour. We went again the following day we liked it so much. There is an assortment of sandwiches and wraps on the menu and you can choose to have your sandwich on a round or long roll. The Bethel Special sandwich was great with bacon. Chicken cutlets were very fresh and you could tell they prepared them that day. This is a great traditional tri-state deli and I highly recommend giving them a try.
And many more.

The owner, Justin, of Rocco’s, wanted a custom vehicle wrap. Unlimited Signs met their needs with their expert knowledge of wraps. We designed the graphics using their menu as a guideline and wrapped the vehicle using vehicle wrap material that contours with the vehicle. This process can take several days depending upon the customer approvals. If you are interested in wrapping a vehicle, either check us on our website at or call us at 203-546-7267. No job is too small or too big.


Blueprints, Brookfield CT- A map for the future

blueprintimage  picture

What are Blueprints? According to Wikipedia, A blueprint is a reproduction of a technical drawing, an architectural plan, or an engineering design, using a contact print process on light-sensitive sheets. Introduced by Sir John Herschel in 1842, the process allowed rapid, and accurate, production of an unlimited number of copies.

Why are blueprints important? Blueprints are used to map out where items are and locations Whether you are an architect and or general contractor blueprints are needed.

What items on the blueprints are must have?

Must have floor plans:

According to Wikipedia, architecture and building engineering, a floor plan is a drawing to scale, showing a view from above, of the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns, and other physical features at one level of a structure. Dimensions are usually drawn between the walls to specify room sizes and wall lengths. 

Elevation drawing:

According to Wikipedia, ELEVATION means The projections of an object when it is viewed from the front is known as elevation. Plan: The projection of an object when it is viewed from the top is known as Plan. Section: The projection of a cut section of an object is known as sections.

And other such as Door, Windows, Signs and etc. –

Unlimited Signs, Designs, and Graphics already manufacture signs for our customers of the architecture and or general contractor fields. Most signs Unlimited does are the following: Exit, building, rooms, ADA, directional, and etc. To increase their product line with these profession or professional, they now offer blueprint printing.

Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics provide quality service for all our customers. Offering these products will save our customer money by ordering all their signage, printing and needs in one shop. Therefore, saving money on time, gas and cost. So stop by our shop at Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield, CT, 06804 or call us at 203-546-7267

Custom Magnetic Signs, Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Danbury CT

Arthur Murray

Andy from Arthur Murray Dance Studio came to us for ideas on his dance sign. He wanted a 4 x 6 sign that looks like a ballroom dancer. Within the ballroom dancer dress he wanted his member names and levels of dance performers. Due to changes of levels and members of the dance performers, we recommended using a magnetic sign. The reasons are as follows:

Magnetic Boards:

 1) Easy to remove and change names – when necessary

2) Easier to read and legible

3) Board does not need to be replaced

4) Same font and sizes

To make the sign, the Board itself is created with a thin sheet of galvanized steel, adhered to a PVC backer so it’s lightweight and easy to install. Vinyl is printed and adhered over the steel, and magnets are created to fill in member names and levels.

  Since Arthur Murray always believe that every winner of a dance contest took a prize. There is always a name and competition date on the board. The elegant of the board represents Arthur Murray personality of dance. The legacy of Arthur Murray Studios began in 1912 with a man named Arthur Murray, an American symbol of entrepreneurial success and social dancing. He started teaching dance at the age of 17 and grew his business with the first-ever mail-order dance lessons.Murray helped infuse dance into every angle of the national social scene. Arthur Murray teachers were a regular part of every first-class steamship cruise and, during the thirties, the studios introduced and transformed dances like “The Big Apple” into the most popular social trends. In fact it was “The Big Apple” that launched Mr. Murray’s one Manhattan studio into the largest chain of dance schools in the world.

No job is too large or small for Unlimited Signs. For more information, go to our website at