Truck Vehicle Graphics, CT Freemason Foundation, Westport, CT


What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry – A Way of Life
As the oldest, largest, and best known fraternal organization in the world, Freemasonry opens its doors to all who endorse its teachings. A strong belief in family, community, pride in our country, and sound ethical and moral values are what distinguish the Masonic fraternity. Their strength lies in the unity of our conviction to these ideals.

Freemasonry is the oldest fraternal organization in the world. It is dedicated to promoting improvement in the character of its members. Mason is taught to be a good citizen. To be of good character. To care for those less fortunate, and to give back to his community.

The Masonic fraternity contributes over $1 Billion each year to its philanthropic pursuits. Over $750 Million of that in the United States alone. The Crippled Children’s and Burns Hospitals sponsored by Shrine Masons are world-famous for their ability to help those most in need.

Freemasonry traces its roots to the Middle Ages. It is from associations of stonemasons, who built the magnificent cathedrals, castles, and monasteries of Europe that the fraternity started. These groups, eventually, began to accept members who were not actual working masons. At that time they adopted the term “Accepted” Masons, and Freemasonry was born.

Is Masonry A Religion?
No, it is not a religion. This is not to say that masons do not have religious beliefs. One of the tenets of the Masonic Fraternity is that its members are free to express their beliefs in the religion of their choice. However, it is also a condition of membership that each recognizes that the wonders of the universe are not here as a result of our doing. But rather as a result of a Supreme Being, who brings order and purpose to our existence.

Is Masonry A Secret Society?
This is a widespread misconception and is completely untrue. The so-called secrets of Freemasonry have actually been in print for well over a century. The fraternity does nothing to hide its existence, its purpose or its membership. The lessons taught in our meetings are meant for the improvement and education of our members. As such, there are portions of these lessons that are not discussed with that outside of the fraternity.

Grand Lodge – Local Lodges
A Grand Lodge is the governing body for a series of Local Lodges. The Local Lodge is where individual members belong. It is also where instruction is given and the actual work of the Fraternity is conducted. The first Grand Lodge was founded in London, England in 1717. It is from them that other countries petitioned for their own charters. They formed in groups, establishing their own Grand Lodges, which in turn gave charters to Local Lodges. Today, there are more than 150 Grand Lodges worldwide with a collective membership of more than 6,000,000.

What Are The Requirements For Membership?
Membership in the Masonic Fraternity is an act of free will. A man must ask for the opportunity. The potential member must be at least eighteen years of age, of sound moral character, and able to express his belief in a Supreme Being. One member of the Local Lodge being petitioned, as well as one other Mason, must be willing to sign his petition. His election is by unanimous consent.

Freemasonry – A Way of Life
As the oldest, largest, and best known fraternal organization in the world, Freemasonry opens its doors to all who endorse its teachings. A strong belief in family, community, pride in our country, and sound ethical and moral values are what distinguish the Masonic fraternity. Our strength lies in the unity of our conviction to these ideals.

Masonic Charity
The Masonic Fraternity believes that its members have an obligation to give back to their communities and to benefit others. It is an important point to emphasize that Masons are taught to go about these tasks in a quiet, unassuming fashion. This is meant to impress upon our members that it is the work, and not the individual, that is of importance. It is also to preserve the dignity of those for whom the work is performed. The philanthropic work of our Grand Lodge jurisdiction and its appendant bodies are as follows:

Masonic Body

Support Charity

Connecticut Grand Lodge

The Masonic Charity Foundation, Connecticut Freemasons Foundation

Scottish Rite

Schizophrenia Research, Masonic Museum and Library, Children’s Learning Centers, and Scholarships

Knights Templar

Eye Foundation and Research

Tall Cedars of Lebanon

Muscular Dystrophy

Shrines of North America

Crippled and Burned Children’s Hospitals


Dental Care for Children with Special Needs Program and an annual grant to United Cerebral Research.

Eastern Star

Cancer Research and Religious Scholarships


Diabetes Research

Chapter, RAM


Council, Royal and Select Masters

Arterial Sclerosis


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Vehicle Graphics, Massimino Plumbing LLC , Southbury, CT


Call Massimino Plumbing & Heating if you are searching for a plumber. They have been providing Southbury and the surrounding areas with first-rate sewer repair and re-piping for years.


Services offered

Air & Water Systems Balancing

Air Duct Cleaning

Attic Ventilation Installation

Backflow Preventer Installation

Bathtub Installation


7 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Call a Professional Plumber

1)Drop-in Water Pressure

A sudden drop in water pressure is a tell-tale sign that you have a problem with your plumbing system. A pipe might have sprung an unnoticeable water leak or perhaps the flow from the main water line is clogged or restricted with mineral deposits.

It is truly a challenge to find the cause of this problem. Most likely, you cannot fix it on your own. So whenever you notice a sudden water pressure drop, call a professional plumber immediately.

2)Water Leaks

Simple plumbing repairs like fixing a leaking tap may prompt you to swap out the washer and gasket or tighten a connection that may work if it is a minor leak. But if it does not work, don’t try to do something that you’ll soon regret. Instead, call for expert help. 

Getting leaky showerheads, pipes, toilets, and faucets professionally fixed will ensure you conserve water and prevent further damage to your plumbing system and home. 

3)Rusty Water

Rust usually indicates the presence of iron in the water. Normally, this is not a problem since it is considered safe to use and drink.

But rusty water indicates that you must replace some of your plumbing pipes or buy a new water heater. This may also mean that there is a problem with the safety of the water. So whenever you see rusty water coming out of your faucet, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber.

4)Clogged Pipes

Clearing clogged pipes using chemical drain cleaners is not effective. The toxic ingredients in these cleaning agents can even damage your plumbing system. 

For pipes that can’t be handled by a sewer snake or plunger, you need to call in an experienced plumber to safely and effectively clear the lines. Most importantly, this can help you avoid the need for expensive repair work in the future.

5)Sewer Odors

Sewer odors indicate a serious problem in your plumbing system. So whenever you detect a sewer odor, you must contact a professional plumber immediately. In most cases, the unpleasant smell in the sewage means there is a problem in your sewer line. If left untreated, you risk a sewage backup on your property.

6)Burst Pipes

Oftentimes, burst pipes happen during winter when frozen water in the line expands, causing the pipe to break. Cracked pipes can incur hundreds of dollars in water damage.

Furthermore, affected pipes are difficult to locate. Damage can happen below your foundation, in your yard, or behind the walls. By calling in a professional plumber, the source of the leak can be discovered, and the process of water abatement can immediately be started. 

Searching for the source of the leak will give the water enough time to seep into the different parts of your home. An experienced plumber can recommend the needed repair work in cases where there is damaged drywall, foundation, or flooring.

7)Soggy Patches in Your Yard

When it hasn’t rained but you notice some soggy patching in your yard, do not ignore them. Unexplained puddles are signs of plumbing problems. Check your irrigation system first and make sure that it is not leaking in that location.

But when that is not the problem, you may have a leaking sewer line or water underground. Whatever the cause of the leakage is, you must let a professional plumber handle the repairs as soon as possible.

Handling a minor or major plumbing project without the right knowledge and skill will result in major property damage, personal injury, and thousands of dollars in repairs. So whenever you run across these plumbing issues, call an experienced plumber immediately. 

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Banner, BBR, Brookfield, CT

If you wonder what BBR stands for it is Biryani, Burgers, and Rolls

Their menu consist of the following:


Hungry? Try their 1/3 pound and 1/4 pound options!


1/3 Lb. Patty, House Sauce, Leaf Lettuce, Roma Tomato, Pickles, Shaved Onions, American Cheese


1/3 Lb. Patty, Barbecue sauce, Lettuce 1 oz./pickle/big tomato and slice Onion



1/3 Lb. Patty, Barbecue sauce, Lettuce 1 oz./pickle/big tomato and slice Onion



1/3 Lb. Patty, Barbecue sauce, Lettuce 1 oz./pickle/big tomato slice Onion and American Cheese


1/4 Lb. Chicken, Barbecue sauce, Lettuce 1 oz./pickle/big tomato, and shaved Onion


1/3 Lb. ChickenPatty, Green sauce, Chat Masala, Lettuce 1 oz./pickle/big tomato, and shaved Onion ½ oz.



1/3 lb Patty, Spicy Garlic Mayo, Grill Jalapeno, Leaf Lettuce, Pepper Jack Cheese



¼ lb Patty, Red Cabbage Slaw, Pineapple, Ginger Vinegar slaw with BBR Glaze


Check out their menus for other items such as:

Veggie selections- such as AlOO BUN KABAB, FALAFEL, and UNCUT

Biryani selections such as CHICKEN, GOAT, AND VEGGIE

Chicken wings- 6, 12 OR 24 PIECES

Chicken strips- 6, 12 OR 24 PIECES










BBR Family box which consists of 8 3oz burgers, 8 wings, fries, and onion rings

BBR Party box which consists of 16 oz burgers, choose up to 4 types of patties

Fresh Salads such as HOUSE and Ceaser

Beverages such as SOFT DRINKS and MINERAL WATER


Desserts such as Kheer rice pudding

You have many choices to choose from.


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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus.

The disease causes respiratory illness (like the flu) with symptoms such as a cough, fever, and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing. You can protect yourself by washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your face, and avoiding close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with people who are unwell.


Coronavirus disease spreads primarily through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. It also spreads when a person touches a surface or object that has the virus on it, then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth.


Signs are so important these days with the COVID 19 virus business need to protect themselves from lawsuits and to be transparent with their customers. They need to explain to their customers that they need to be 6 feet away from one another. If they are in a grocery store or any stores with shopping carts, they might need the customers to clean their shopping carts with disinfecting wipes. Also, some stores have 50 people in the store at one time. This is the time where signs are important. This is also a safety issue.


For instance, we need to have a sign 6 feet away from other people. A sign to state that we can no longer take more than 50 people at a time. We can also make the sign humorous, instead of saying we need to be 6 feet away, we can say “ Don’t stand too close to Me” from the sting song.


If you are a restaurant you might need a sign for Take-Out Only.


Whichever you choose, signs are definitely needed with this time of the COVID-19. For more ideas and information on the COVID 19 signs, go to our website at We can custom made your signs.


Truck Lettering , Cross Joints Plumbing, Danbury, CT




They are a full-service company, licensed and insured.


For all your unexpected plumbing issues


Cross Joint Plumbing is there to help.

 Providing quality and affordable

plumbing services in the areas of

Westchester County, Putnam County 

& State of Connecticut.

SERVICES which includes



. Additions to existing plumbing

  • Plumb a whole house


  • Plumbing home inspection 

  • Sewer lines check

  • violations


  • Updating a room

  • New Bathroom look


  • Replacing old plumbing

  • Upgrading water system

  • Upgrading the heating system


  • Flat roof solutions

  • Building roof calculation

  • Basement floor drains


  • Sump pumps

  • Ejector pumps

  • Boosters

  • Backup pumps




  • Fixture drain Cleaning

  • Backups

  • Air Pressure Cleaning

  • Main Line Cleaning


  • Water Tanks Replacement

  • Flushing Water Lines

  • Water Restrictions


  • Parts Replacement

  • Hardware Replacement

  • Leaky Faucet

  • Leaky Toilets


  • Frozen Water Lines

  • Burst Sewer Lines

  • Drain Lines Replacement


  • Collapsed Sewer

  • Broken Underground Pipes

  • Outdoor Lines


  • Venting Troubles

  • Drainage Sizing




  • Low-Pressure Gas

  • High-Pressure Gas

  • LP Gas lines

  • Pool Gas Meters

  • BBQs Lines


  • Illegal Gas Lines

  • Appliances Discontinued 

  • LP To Natural Gas Conversion 


  • Meter Upgrade

  • New Meter Request


  • Section line check

  • Old System Inspection


  • Meter Lock Removal

  • Gas Violations


  • New Service Test

  • Gas Authorizations  




  • Kitchen Fixtures

  • Bathroom Fixtures

  • Outdoor Fixtures 

  • toilet

  • Laundry Room Fixtures

  • Commercial Fixtures


  • Out of date Fixtures


  • Under Sink Unit

  • Instant Hot Faucets





  • Residential Inside Cabinet Units

  • Commercial Units


  • Self Feeding Units

  • Batch Feed Unit type


  • ADA Solutions

  • ADA toilets

  • Customized Plumbing fixtures installation



  • DEP Request

  • Double-Check

  • RPZs

  • Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers

  • Pressure Vacuum Breakers

  • Siphonage Prevention 



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Channel Letters, Ignazio's Pizza, Westport, CT


Brooklyn's Famed Ignazio's Pizza Opens in Westport CT

We are very pleased to announce that Ignazio’s will be opening their doors, and their pizza ovens, on Monday, November 11th, and we couldn’t be more excited for their signature thin-crust pies. CTbites had the pleasure of speaking with owner Louis Termini, who, as it turns out, has strong pizza ties to Connecticut, and big plans for the new Westport digs.

What should pizza-loving guests expect at Ignazio’s? The Westport spot may be slightly less scenic than that of DUMBO but will continue Ignazio’s tradition of thin-crust pies, or “signature round pies,'“ with specialty pizzas including Bacon, avocado, and tomato, white clam, Tex-Mex, and pineapple and ham. For those who prefer something a little “crustier,” they will also be serving up a slightly thicker crust square pizza, the “Siciliana.” In addition to the pizza menu, there are some pretty epic calzones with fillings such as spinach, escarole, and carrots, and ham. But it’s not JUST pizza. Ignazio’s also features a curated Italian menu with dishes including Estelle`s Meatballs, baked anchovies, chicory salad, wraps, and grinders. On tap, he says, “I’ve got New England, The Bronx, and Brooklyn,” with Down East Cider, and beer from Brooklyn and Breweries.

The journey that landed Lewis Termini in the pizza business is truly one worth telling. During our first meeting Termini gave me the full scoop. “My mother was a Cajun. Cajun people wake up cooking and they go to sleep cooking. My father was Italian, so my mother learned how to make Italian food from my Sicilian grandma.” Termini is a self-proclaimed” first-generation hippie, a starving artist…and I didn’t want to work”, but then there were kids. Out of necessity, he finally stepped into his father’s business at the legendary jazz club, The Five Spot Cafe (jaw still open over this detail). Years later, and now schooled in the industry, he took all of those Sicilian pizza skills he had learned from his grandma, saw an ad for “Pizza chef wanted in Avon CT,” and turned Connecticut’s Luna Pizza into a seven location success.

Termini says “While I was away from Brooklyn, it got cool. I tried Grimaldi’s Pizza and I thought it was good, but I knew I could do better. I walked around the corner to get in my car and go back to CT, and the landlords were putting a ‘Space Available’ sign in the window.” He took the sign out of the window, and the rest is history. Ignazio’s—named after his father—was born, and now he has brought his pizza dreams back to Connecticut.

But there’s more. Termini has big plans for the future of Ignazio’s. As you may recall from the history section of this article, he is an artist and a supporter of the arts. In fact, you can view some of the Termini’s paintings in the restrooms (Ask him to tell you the stories behind these). For the changing of the seasons, in spring, he has scheduled the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra to play outside the restaurant, as well as smaller grouping of orchestra musicians for the holidays, and on a weekly basis, diners will enjoy rotating duets from the same orchestra. 

Why Westport, you might ask? That’s simple. On Termini’s first trip to Hartford County 30 years ago, he stopped in Westport and liked the town. He thought to himself, “I’d like to open up a pizza spot here someday.” And there you have it. Stop by and say “hi” to Lewis. You’ll be happy you did.

833 Post Rd E; Westport
(203) 557-8954


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Building Sign, Interpersonal Wellness, Danbury, CT

Counseling Services

Because life is worth celebrating


"Through loving ourselves and one another, we will find peace."


Common Topics They Help With



Family Conflict

Unhealthy Family/Relationship Patterns

Intimacy and Sexual Dysfunction




Pre-Marital Counseling/Mediation

Family Planning

Fear of Commitment, Rejection, Abandonment





Supporting Child Through Difficult Times

Child's Academic Performance


Oppositional/Defiant/Risky Behaviors


Attachment Concerns

Teen Pregnancy

Single Parent Support


Philosophy and Intent:


I wanted to offer a safe place for people to explore their beliefs about themselves, family, relationships, and how the world should work.  With understanding our beliefs, we can better understand and articulate to others the meaning we assign to people's actions.

These are the interactions that have the most potential to enhance our level of intimacy with others.

They are also the windows to exploring and challenging relational patterns to initiate changes.


On the other hand, if the patterns people are engaging in are serving them, that is recognized and respected here.


The intent then is to help people get to a better place where they don't have to rely on those old patterns for a sense of stability.

They can learn and replace them with more functional relational patterns.


Because ultimately, what keeps us stagnant is not a lack of knowledge,

but discovering a way to integrate changes into our lives in the least disruptive way possible.  



-Linda Tran, MS, LPC




Abuse (Emotional/Verbal, Physical, Sexual)


Witnessing/Experiencing a Traumatic Event

Terminal Illness (Self or Loved One)


Grief and Loss

Loss of Job

Life-Changing Impairment





Physical Health

Career Change

Work Stress

Self Esteem


Coping with the Impact of Legal Issues

Perinatal & Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

Other Anxiety/Mood Disorders

Anger Management

Eating Disorders

Substance Use


Severe Mental Illness



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Hanging Sign, Confetti, Wilton, CT


Confetti Events is Connecticut’s premier destination for Wedding Flowers and Special Event Design. They have been planning and creating beautiful designs for all kinds of events for many years. Alongside the team of talented staff, they have developed a reputation for unique, gorgeous floral work for weddings and special occasions, as well as creating designs for themed events and  Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  In addition to their full-service décor, Confetti offers wedding planning and event coordination.

They are excited to announce that they have moved into a fabulous new building!  Located at the intersection of Wilton/Redding/Ridgefield and Weston in Fairfield County and serving Connecticut, Westchester Counties, and the New York area.

830 Danbury Rd, Wilton, CT 06897.  


Call: 203-544-6090, Text: 203-947-4099 or contact them today.

 Appointments are strongly encouraged in order to give you all the attention you deserve for your wedding, prom, corporate party, family celebration or another special event.

Confetti Weddings

Whatever kind of wedding you dream of, Confetti can create the perfect bouquets, boutonnieres and personal flowers for everyone in your wedding party. Your ceremony flowers will enhance the setting you have chosen and the reception table centerpieces will be all that you envision in floral design and arrangements.

Their wedding flowers are created from the finest floral materials procured both locally and throughout the world.


Mazel Tov! You have your date – now plan the party! Confetti has coordinated and created thousands of bar and bat mitzvahs with unique and stunning décor options. They can help you with any theme, centerpieces in all styles both non-floral and floral, and other items that are typically part of your event. Sign-In boards or books, beautiful candle lighting pieces, and any additional items can be made to your color scheme or theme.


Corporate Events

Everything from a formal gathering for clients to a fun event for your employees, Confetti can leave a lasting impression on your guests.   Let them create a beautiful atmosphere to suit the occasion and assist you with all your event planning needs.


PrPrivate Partiesivate P


Are you planning a 50th birthday party, a Baby Shower, a Sweet 16 or a Graduation party?  Whether one of these or another special event, Confetti will make your celebration unique and custom-designed for any venue.

Their party consultants have years of experience and will work with you to develop innovative ideas and designs to make your event wonderful and one-of-a-kind!

Call them at 203-544-6090 or email


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LED sign, Aging with Attitude, Danbury, CT


Your Preferred Destination for Top-Quality Medical Supplies in Danbury, CT

Make Your Bathroom Safe

If you need to make your bathroom a bit safer, you can take a look at their incontinence products. They make sure you won't fall into your bathroom. Visit them today.

When you choose to do your shopping at AWA Medical Supplies, they'll make sure that you can save as much money as you possibly can. Once you've found the products you need, they'll go through the insurance work and make sure they are covered.

Feel Comfortable and Safe All Day Long

Whether you need handlebars in your bathroom or a discreet solution for your incontinence, you can be both comfortable and safe by purchasing your products through AWA Medical Supplies of Danbury, CT, where they cater to adults with these issues.

Find Bathroom Safety Materials

Whether you need handlebars on the walls or around your toilet, you can find everything you need from multi-service to make your bathroom more safe and accessible at a great price with them.


Sit Comfortably at Home

If you are having trouble with your back or your chairs simply aren't comfortable, they have a variety of different chairs for you. Contact their store today.

You should shop at a store that believes your well-being is their top priority. Come to AWA Medical Supplies of Danbury, CT today and take a look at the various items you may need. Be sure to ask about their discounts and they'll see what we can do for you!

Have Some Extra Support Where You Sit

Whether you are sitting in a wheelchair, a lift support chair, or a simple dining room chair, you can use one of their seating cushions for extreme comfort

New Compression Hosiery

Looking for something to help your circulation? You can choose from a number of different pieces of compression hosiery.

When you visit AWA Medical Supplies of Danbury, CT, you will be treated like family. It is their goal to make you feel comfortable with their personal service and bilingual staff. With over 10 years in business and 15 years of experience, you can trust them to help you through your medical issues.


Keep Your Feet Comfy

You can find a number of different pairs of therapeutic footwear right there at AWA Medical Supplies. Let them help you with your circulation.


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Parking Signs, Scalzo Group, Bethel CT


RESIDENTIAL.   Their residential division is a member of Home Services of America Inc, now the largest real estate franchise in the Nation. They offer a large range of services including a Rental Division, Home sales, REO and a Condo Division


COMMERCIAL.  Their commercial real estate department voted top CBC Office in CT since 2009, has specialized agents for Sales and Leasing of Retail, Office, Industrial, Multi-Family, Land Use, and Investment


MODULAR.   Their modular home company builds throughout CT, NY, and MA. They provide new homes, additions, storm and fire damage re-builds. Recently the modular company has expanded to building multi-family and commercial buildings


PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.   Scalzo Property Management manages over 6,000 units in the area including Condo units, HOA’s, Commercial and Multi-Family homes. Their SPM maintenance department is always on call to respond to emergencies and provide repairs


Scalzo Group provides Residential Real Estate Services through their award-winning REAL LIVING REAL ESTATE; including Sales and Leasing of:

  • Single Family Homes

  • Condominiums

  • Apartments

  • Residential Land

  • New Home Construction

  • Short Sales

  • REO/Foreclosure

Visit for more information


Scalzo Group provides New Construction and Renovation Services through WESTCHESTER MODULAR HOMES OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY and DESIGN. BUILD. MODULAR; including:

  • Single Family Homes

  • Multi-Family Homes

  • Second Floor Additions

  • Fire & Disaster Renovations

  • Commercial Buildings

Visit for more information.



Scalzo Property Management
Current Property List

Select a Property Name from the list below to display further options, including contact information, entering work orders, displaying blank forms, etc.

Poughkeepsie, NY

Aspetuck Condominium
New Milford, CT

Benson Woods
Middlebury, CT

New Milford, CT

Bethel Crossing
Bethel, CT

Bethel Meadows
Bethel, CT

Brookside of Middlebury
Middlebury, CT

Candlewood Shores
Brookfield, CT

Chelsea Cove II
Hopewell Junction, NY

Colonial Gardens
Danbury, CT

Covered Bridge at Newtown
Newtown, CT

Dunham Pond
New Fairfield, CT

Enclave & Meadows at Rivington
Danbury, CT

Four Corners
Hopewell Junction, NY

Fox Hill Phase I
Ridgefield, CT

Fox Hill Recreation
Ridgefield, CT

Good Shepherd Hill
Danbury, CT

Greenview at Newtown
Newtown, CT

Liberty at Newtown
Newtown, CT

Lillinonah Park Estates
Brookfield / New Milford, CT

Meadows Cross River HOA
Cross River, NY

Meadows at Cross River II
Cross River, NY

Mill River Views
Brookfield, CT

Newbury Crossing
Brookfield, CT

Newbury Village
Brookfield, CT

North Ridge
Danbury, CT

Orchard Place
Brookfield, CT

Park Lane Assoc.
New Milford, CT

Reserve Master Assoc
Danbury, CT

Ridgewood At Middlebury
Middlebury, CT

River Glen
New Milford, CT

River's Edge
Bridgeport, CT

Rivington Club
Danbury, CT

Sail Harbour Club
New Fairfield, CT

Sandy Lane Village
Brookfield, CT

Danbury, CT

Sterling Woods
Danbury, CT

Still River Glen
Danbury, CT

Summit Park West
Danbury, CT

Summit View
Danbury, CT

The Pavillion
Wappingers Falls, NY

Towne Summit
Danbury, CT

Danbury, CT

Village at Rivington
Danbury, CT

Villas of LaGrange
Lagrangeville, NY

Woodlands at Rivington
Danbury, CT

Woods at Dunham Pond
New Fairfield, CT

1 Reserve
Danbury, CT

109 Federal Road
Danbury, CT

130 Federal Road
Danbury, CT

2 Stony Hill Road
Bethel, CT

31 Old Route 7
Brookfield, CT

Litchfield Crossings
New Milford, CT

Newtown, CT

New Milford VNA
New Milford, CT

Old Park Lane Assoc
New Milford, CT

Plaza South Newtown
Newtown, CT

Sugar Hollow Assoc
Danbury, CT

Residential Rentals



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