Custom Mask (Placard), Brookfield CT. Great for Sporting Events


Recently we had a client who had gone online to our website:, and saw a photo of a few custom placards. From the gallery of pictures on our website, she described what she wanted. A custom face mask of her friend to support her team in a competition. She provided us a picture of her friend. In order to create a perfect face, the picture has to be a high resolution, at least DPI 300. Under the DPI 300 the picture will look fuzzy, blurry and will show blotches on the face of the picture. Once the picture is approved by the designer as well as the customer, we print the face picture on our 64 inch HP printer. We use an x- rite color system that creates vivid colors. We than mount the picture face vinyl on Coroplast material. This material is used because it is light, can last outside or inside, and is easy to cut. This material is mostly used for yard signs. We then cut out the coroplast in shape of the picture face. Once that is done, we make a stick with the coroplast material and attached it with double sided banner tape. The mask is very light, can be use as a fan and a fly swatter. Just kidding

Represent your team, organization, business or just have some fun! Any image can be customized

and reproduced as shown here. Our state-of-the art printing facility can reproduce up to 60” wide by any length you can imagine.

Stand out in a crowd with high resolution images and messages that get attention! At Unlimited Signs, Designs and Graphics we pride ourselves on the success of our clients’ response to what we create for them.

Stop in and see for yourself the UNLIMITED possibilities.

Custom Sign in Danbury, CT for Ann’s Place


Our clients from Ann’s Place in Danbury, CT had a special project for us to do. Ann’s Place is an organization for cancer patients that provide comfort, support and resources to people living with cancer and to their loved ones. Every year before Christmas, Ann’s Place provides a Festival of Trees event.  They offer decorated trees, Taps and Trees Beer Fest, Tennies and Ties Gala and much more. This year it welcomes the holidays with Festival of Trees Under the Danbury Sport Dome for a fresh take on fun.

When entering the Danbury Sport Dome you will now see a custom sign that represents the elegant and picturesque picture of children with their family picking up a Christmas tree. To create an elegant picture, we used an 1/8 thick 48 x 55 inch clear acrylic, that you can see thru like a mirror. We also used white vinyl to create the illusion of happiness toward the seasons. The white vinyl is cut to it’s size by our production team that uses the printed die-lines. Each corner of the sign has rounded corners to give it a more finished look. For hanging purpose, Ann’s Place uses fish line. Fish line is sturdy enough to use when a sign or any other weighted material is needed to be hung and thin enough to look like it is floating. This custom sign is being hung against a dark draped background to show a 3 d special effect.

Unlimited Signs Designs and Graphics can make any signs. All you need is an imagination, ideas and a goal. No job is too small or big when it comes to Unlimited Signs. Stop by our shop at 72 Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield, Ct or call at 203-546-7267

For more information on Ann’s Place- You can You can call, (203) 790-6568 and The address is 80 Saw Mill Rd, Danbury, CT 06810

Trailer Wrap in Brookfield CT For Brookfield Police Department Raises Awareness for Child Safety

BPD Back

Child safety is important, however many people overlook their children’s safety in the car, without even knowing! The Police Department in Brookfield wanted to create a vehicle wrap to raise awareness and educate people about child passenger safety. Did you know that vehicle graphics can be read by tens of thousands of people every day? Wherever you are and wherever you go, whether you’re stuck in traffic, parked in a lot, cruising along the interstate, or sitting in the gas station, your message will be read.

People notice vehicle graphics because they are bold and eye-catching. One vehicle with a professional graphics display can make millions of visual impressions in only a year. Compare that to the effectiveness and cost of a typical billboard or radio spot and you’ll see why vehicle graphics are the way forward. Make your marketing message bold, bright, and positive to get great conversions from your graphics and decals.

Consider now the message that Brookfield PD put on their trailer, “4 out of 5 car seats are installed incorrectly” and what kind of impact that will leave on parents driving behind this vehicle. This is a perfect example of how wrapping your vehicle can spread your message, especially when you consider that lettering 4” in height can be read from 100 feet away.

This is a full vehicle wrap, from top to bottom, even including the rivets. All the graphics were designed in house, and produced on industry-leading 3M Graphic Marking Film. When you pass by a billboard or hear a radio ad, it’s gone in a matter of seconds. This is not necessarily so, when you are driving surrounded by other vehicles. Whether your vehicle is in traffic or not, there is a good chance that it will be read and considered, over time, by many people.

BPD Sideview BPD Back Our professional, expert designers will help you make it the very best message you can. We are dedicated to matching your branding perfectly, so you can have your vehicle graphics designed using your exact logo and colors. With highly visible phone numbers and website info, you can inspire everyone who views your vehicles to action.

Promotional Cutout in Brookfield CT for Carrie O. Makes Event Memorable

Instagram Cutout 2

Carrie O was in our showroom taking a tour when she saw an Instagram picture-frame cutout we have on display from our fifth anniversary party. With the advent of social media outlets, cutouts like this one are becoming increasingly popular. After she expressed interest in this product, we had her meet with one of our designers right then, and they discussed the details of what Carrie’s cutout would say.

We produced the cutout as a single piece of high-quality adhesive matte vinyl and mounted it to a sheet of corrugated plastic, also called coroplast. Matte vinyl was essential for this project so that camera flashes will not create reflections as they would on gloss vinyl. We cut the sheet of coroplast to size and our production team followed the printed die-lines our designer created to know exactly where to cut the material. We went with coroplast, though foam core could have been chosen as well, as the coroplast’s higher durability was preferred. Once the center was removed, our cutout was finished and Carrie was notified.

Orders like this typically take only a day or two in production, once our design gets our customer’s approval. Our quick turnaround on these products allow our clients to obtain their promotional products with time to spare before their deadline. Our design and production teams strive to provide people with exactly the product they were expecting. We have the knowledge and experience to meet your deadlines. We will follow up with our clients to make them aware of when they are approaching that deadline, based on our production schedule.

These types of cutouts are becoming wildly popular at parties as a kind of “photo booth”. It’s an easy and fun way to commemorate who attended your event, and generate social media traffic as well. It also creates a natural way for you to create connections on social media outlets.

Trailer Wrap in Fairfield CT for Fairfield Pool Transforms Utility Vehicle

FairfieldPool Trailer

FairfieldPool Trailer Back

Our friends at Fairfield Pool are always looking for a way to increase their branding. When they bought a new forty foot long trailer, the obvious question was how to transform it into more than just a trailer. Our designers worked up a layout based on the brand identity we have helped them to establish. From there we produced the graphics on high quality vehicle wrap vinyl which we laminated with a weather-resistant coating to further protect it from UV exposure and the elements.

Once we had the trailer on our premises, our expert installers began the process of wrapping the back and sides of this trailer. We always strive to apply vinyl in as few pieces as possible, as increasing the number of seams leaves you more opportunities for water to peel the vinyl away as the adhesive is dried by the air. Using a heat gun, we can keep the vinyl pliable and prevent it from wrinkling or tearing during the installation process. Our team has years of experience in graphic installation and we will always make sure you receive your vehicle looking exactly how you expected.

During any install, you have to be ready to deal with changing circumstances. For example; this trailer was too long to get into either one of our two installation bays, so we had to adjust our scheduling with the weather. Additionally, to perform a seamless installation, we had to remove the tires to get to the metal behind them. Doing this allows the image to continue all forty feet from front to back. The finished product now fits their brand identity and is instantly identifiable. Whether hauling materials to a site or sitting in a lot, their branding will be seen by thousands of people and increase awareness of their company’s presence.

Time and again we prove to our customers that no job is too ‘out there’ for us to handle! We are a full service sign company from concept and brand identity all the way through installation and maintenance of all your signage needs. We happily accept any opportunity to make your brand pop, and to leave you with an eye catching, memorable sign or vehicle graphic.

Aluminum Signs in Danbury CT for Costco Wholesale Create Eye-Catching Display


Our local Costco Wholesale Club desired a display that would showcase their Executive Membership Program. They wanted something appealing, professional, and memorable. They wanted to create a two-panel display that would highlight the benefits of the Executive Card in a clear, concise way. After discussing their needs for this particular sign, we created a design, and showed them a digital mock-up of how this sign would look in their lobby.
Several different processes went into creating this promotional display. We started by printing the graphics on high-quality adhesive vinyl, for a durable long-lasting image. We then mounted the vinyl graphics onto aluminum sheeting with a PVC core. The aluminum sheeting is strong, durable, and weather resistant, while the PVC core allows it to have a lighter weight while yielding the necessary rigidity. the centerpiece of this display is the Costco Membership card, which we produced oversize, and mounted to PVC. the PVC was then cut, and had the corners rounded for a smooth appearance. We used Velcro to allow it to be attached to the display, and maintain the ability to change out the centerpiece on an as needed basis. This process draws your focus, and highlights the card itself, allowing it to literally jump off the board.

The finished product is an eye catching three dimensional display standing 5 feet tall. The most important part of a promotional sign is finding the best way to capture what makes your business or message unique in a memorable way. It should appear professional, and be clearly readable by passers-by. When visitors and clients walk into your business, you want them to remember you long after they’ve gone. Lobby signs and promotional displays can help you to reach that goal.

Lobby signs create lasting impressions. As well as letting people know they are welcome in your office, helping them to know what to do or who to see, your lobby sign can set the tone for the interactions. They help to make an impression that will stay with clients long after they’ve gone home.

As a full-service custom sign and graphic design company, our team can add class to your lobby or turn a simple area into a showroom that displays your business at its best.

Custom Frame in Fairfield CT For Fairfield Pool Used As Mobile Billboard


Fairfield Pool came to us wanting to put vinyl on to the frame of a dump truck. Due to the uneven surface and the potential for the vinyl to be damaged, they would typically be restricted by the options available, however they desired an engaging full-color image. We printed their design on vinyl, and mounted it to a board. A frame was added around the edge for further protection from the elements. The results of this project transformed their old dump truck into an eye-catching mobile billboard, easily seen and recognized!

No matter what signage you need, we can provide it. From interior signs to exterior signs, our products can make a positive difference to your bottom line. We are with you from the first idea to the finished, fitted signs. We are creative people, willing to create new solutions for truly unique signage.

We take care of design, manufacture, and installation, which means that you only have to work with one company. We like to save our clients time and money any way we can, and will work with you to operate inside your budgetary requirements. Our primary concern is creating the signage solution you envision.

We understand that your time is important and we will do our best not to take up too much. Our competitive pricing and different types of signage are sure to put your mind at ease. We are willing and able to work with you on design options, and follow you through the process up to and including installation. Whether you are turning a dump truck into a mobile billboard, doing a full wrap on a company car, or just getting cut vinyl letters on your doors, we are there to help. Our team is here to make your job as easy and affordable as possible.

Large Banner in Danbury CT For Western CT Federal Credit Union Utilizes Tracking System for Easy Banner Install

Western Credit Union banner

When Sabrina needed a large banner hung over the Drive-Through ATM at Western CT Federal Credit Union, she came to us. Because of the large size of this banner, and the customer’s desire to change the banner out for different promotional offerings we installed a tracking system for it to be secured in. This track also allows us to change out the banner at their discretion much more conveniently than a traditionally suspended banner. Having it suspended in this way increases the banner’s lifespan as well, as it is more securely affixed to the track than it would be by grommet.

Utilizing a tracking system is a useful option for long-term banner placement, or for frequent banner changes, streamlining the installation process down to tightening the screws that hold the banner in the track. This saves customers from the stress of having a banner pop off of one corner which then hangs loose and ruins the appeal, as the tracking system securely anchors it.

We handle every step of sign design and creation, from the initial design proof through to manufacturing your banners with the highest quality materials. We are happy to install your banner signs, but we can also make them available for easy collection or delivery. Whatever works best for you and your business, we will make it happen with ease and friendly service, every time.

A banner is a great way to say what you want to say in a noticeable, attractive way.

These banners are inexpensive yet have a significant visual impact. They are a perfect way to highlight a grand opening, a promotion, or another special event, or store. There are many options for banner signs, some of which you may not have considered! All of our banners are crafted with your exact needs at the forefront. We consult with our clients to ensure that we are meeting their budgetary requirements, and branding preferences; from text choices to logos to create a splash without being overwhelming.

Magnetized Menu Boards in Brookfield CT Save Time and Money

Menu Board

Now offering Menu Boards with magnetic line items! No longer do you need to order an entirely new sign every time your prices change. Add new items, or take old ones away at your discretion, with professional magnets that will adhere easily to the board. Magnetic signs can be designed to fill a line, or just big enough to change a price.

For this sign, both the line items, and their prices are separate magnets, printed on vinyl to match the color of the menu board. Utilizing these magnets allow you to rotate in seasonal offerings, change pricing on special offerings while maintaining that clean professional look your customers expect. Menu Boards can be made at any size, and customized to fit the unique identity of your business.

The Board itself is created with a thin sheet of galvanized steel, adhered to a PVC backer so it’s lightweight and easy to install. Vinyl is printed and adhered over the steel, and magnets are created to fill in menu line items and prices. Utilizing this product, you can have a completely rotating menu or list of services and never have to deal with the hassle changing your board.

Everything we do is custom created with your brand identity in mind. We can offer any size or shape you can imagine, for the board, or the magnets that go over it. You can buy as many or as few magnets as needed, or even have line items printed directly to the board that you know you will always offer, and only buy small magnets to adjust pricing as needed. Creativity is always welcome, and we will do everything in our power to make your vision a reality.

We are a one stop shop, handling projects from concept through installation and service, so you do not have to worry about finding different companies to work together on one job.

Vehicle Wrap in Westchester NY For Sharc Creative Creates A Lasting Impression


Andrew Castellano From Sharc Creative was referred to us by Carlo from Millennium Printing.

Our team always wants to exceed expectations about what signs and branding can do for your business. We are the destination for all of your signage needs, and put your needs first.

A great way to help make your business a household name or your company an industry leader is to outfit your fleet with graphics and wraps. For Andrew, we printed an eye-catching contrast of orange and blue vinyl, with white cut vinyl letters laid over for high visibility. We printed the art work, using 3M Wrap Vinyl, then laminated the prints with 3M Wrap laminate, to protect the vinyl from car washes and the harsh weather. All of our vehicle wraps are performed by a certified wrap technician.

Our professional staff consists of designers and installers who can transform an ordinary car into a company vehicle that everyone will recognize, using high-quality materials and cutting edge techniques. We will go to lengths to ensure that your car looks the best it possibly can, and have the reputation to prove it.

You can customize your vehicle wraps and fleet graphics to include your logo and company name. Graphics can cover part of the vehicle or all of the vehicle depending on which you prefer. You can choose to have your company name large across the whole vehicle. Or you might opt for a smaller graphic on the doors, while wrapping the vehicle with colors that correspond to your branding, as Andrew did.

With custom vehicle wraps and graphics, everyday tasks like going to meetings, running errands, or heading out on service calls become a form of advertising. Word of mouth spreads so you can let your vehicle do the talking. It creates a professional appearance that you simply cannot achieve any other way.