First impressions are very important for a business. Quality marketing is crucial and displaying your logo properly is the difference between getting noticed or getting passed by. The most visible and simple way to accomplish this and get your name or message out is outdoor advertising with banners.

Most banners range in size from 2 ft by 6 ft. to 2 ft by 8 ft. This is typical for Grand Openings, Special Sales, Trade Shows, etc. Retractable trade show banners are also available.

Some Sports banners can range 3 ft by 5 ft. which are commonly used at sporting events such as baseball and soccer fields.

"Coming Soon" or "Grand Opening" banners are typically 4 ft. by up to 20 ft. Check out an opening soon banner we made for Mac Daddy's restaurant and a Grand Opening banner we made for our Brookfield, CT location.

Types of Banners:

Sign Banners:

Banner Signs can be made for either indoor use or outdoor use. Affordable, custom-made sign banners attract customers' attention and communicate your message effectively while keeping your costs low. High-quality Indoor Banner Signs are perfect for announcements, parties, tradeshows and displays. An Outdoor Sign Banner is made from materials more suited to a range of weather, temperature and environments, most commonly vinyl. As a temporary sign, an Outdoor Banner is a cost-effective way to get noticed and attract attention.

Banner Materials:

Vinyl Banner:

The lightweight and low cost material makes it a popular selection. Suitable for indoor or short-term outdoor use. Vinyl Banners can last in snow, rain and sun. To give attention to your storefront or office space a vinyl banner will typically be used.

Fabric Banner:

These 100% woven polyester fabrics have an exceptional surface for perfect photo quality graphics.

Banners & Flags:

Banner & Stands are lightweight, easy to use banner signs. From Retractable, to X-Frame they are quick to set-up and take-down. Banner stands are designed to be portable and are reusable for an endless amount of events. Many Banner Stands come with their own case to protect the sign when not in use. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles.

For big short term Events, Plaza Store, Warehouse, Automotive Dealership, Sporting Events: Flags (Stand up Banners) are mostly used.

Bow Flags:

Bow Flags are great marketing tools for any business that is new or just needs new outdoor advertising tools that give your business a professional look. Bow flags are very popular due to their simplicity, eye-catching and informative qualities that doesn't look cheap.

Feather Flags:

Feather Flags are an excellent low cost business marketing product. Easy to install and maintain, these colorful eye catchers will help increase business beginning the first day. Strategically positioned next to the road or by your store, feather flags impress your business in the customer's mind. Great for brand marketing with your company logo. Extremely economical for small businesses that want great exposure.


Teardrop Flags:

Pepsico, Newton CT

Tear Drop Flags are made of weather-proof polyester. These flags are made to withstand sun, wind, rain, and snow for a long time. Teardrop flags can be made in any color, but they are most often made with bright, eye-catching colors to maximize on their attention-grabbing potential. Taller teardrop flags will obviously get more attention. However, smaller teardrop flags work as a great addition to other outdoor marketing products. For example: "Super Sale", "Mega Sale", and "Grand Opening".

Step Up and Repeat Banner:

Danbury Chamber of Commerce, Danbury CT

Promote your brand during events such as media conferences, grand openings & other high profile occasions with Post-Up Stands Step & Repeat Banners.