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Light Box: An aluminum box that is approximately 8 inches in depth. The sign is illuminated from inside by fluorescent lamps or LED’s. The face of the sign is made of Lexan and lettered with translucent vinyl.  See example

Pin-mounted letter: Pin mounted letter are made up of letters that are either cut out, cast, molded, or fabricated in materials such as metal, aluminum, brass or plastic mounted to a vertical surface. The dimensional letter signs can be used either on an interior or exterior wall and stud or flush mounted. The advantage of this application is that it gives the letters depth and shadow which give it an all around nicer look compared to a flat surface like printed vinyl. See example

Channel Letter: Channel letters are custom-made metal or plastic letters that are usually a few inches thick and are commonly used on the exterior of buildings. Another variation is Lighted Channel Letters which are usually lit with LED's See example



Directional Signs/Wayfinding: Points directions for several businesses in the same location. This type of signage can be lit or non-lit. This depends upon your needs and often your town zoning restrictions.

Monument: A monument is a ground sign, usually lower in overall height and often built on a stone or brick base. They are definitely a more expensive option and are common at professional office parks or to mark large multi-unit buildings.

Pylon:  A freestanding sign with a visible support structure, usually two poles. This type of sign usually rises higher and has multiple signs within it. See example


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