ATV Lettering for Sherman Volunteer Fire Department, Sherman, CT

Sherman ATV lettering

What is an ATV:

 All Terrain Vehicle or in short called as an ATV is basically a Land-based automobile capable of reaching remote areas where normals cars/bikes cannot reach. The main focus of an ATV is to provide comfortable and safe in uneven terrains. They function in environments like River banks, mountains, snow, Forests etc. Pretty much anywhere taking your everyday cars/bike isn’t practical.

 Why does a Fire Department use ATV:

 The same reason why we use the ATV it gets you places where your own vehicle cannot do. So, when there is an emergency and you cannot get to the place due to no access, the ATV is a good vehicle. Most of this vehicle need to have signage on them to indicate they are a fire department and you need to yield for an emergency.

John Tardy from the Sherman Volunteer Fire Department had a fundraiser in mine. The purpose of the fundraiser is to 1)provide an aspect of engaging family and children to take part in community participation. To know your neighbors in case of an emergency, increase your awareness of people who you are surrounded by and most of all 2) To have funds available so you will have the up to date fire equipment needed to save your life.

John Tardy asked us to do their ATV lettering. He gave us the font and color. To do this process, we use our X rite system and we cut the letters using our plotter. We then weed the letters and put the paper application on it. Then we put the letters on the ATV and peeled the paper.

John Tardy loved the job we did. If you are interested in putting letters on your ATV. Either stop by our shop at Unlimited Signs, Brookfield CT, go to our website at or call at 203-546-7267.