Custom Window Graphics, Carmel, NY- Beautiful scenery looking out the window

Scenery wall graphics

You ever heard of the song “Memories”, sharing hope, dreams and pleasant feeling. Well, these memories can now transform your bare wall. All you need is a high definition camera and place or space you want to remember and take a picture. Most popular wall graphics for homes are a window view of flowers, birds and the sun. Having a scenic view keeps your mood content, calm and happy.

Here are other places that have wall graphics:


The dentist is very scary for a new kid who has never been to a dentist. The sharp tools, the Novocaine and the white uniform can be very frightening. To ease the child’s nerves, most dentists have some sort of wall graphics on their walls and ceiling, such as Space, Star Wars, Cartoon Network or flying objects. The ceiling is popular because the patient has to look up.


Like the dentist, the pediatrician can be very scary. Who gives out shots, the doctor. Wall graphics are very common in the visiting room. Mostly you see either farm or jungle animals. Some wall graphics are painted but most are made from vinyl. The vinyl material is easier to remove.


A lot of gyms are using wall graphics as a goal for their customers. For example, a skinny woman working out with weights. This wall graphics will hope to entice a customer to use weights. Some wall graphics are just for advertising purpose, such as if you pay $50 more, you enter to win a trip to Las Vegas

Whatever picture you choose, make sure you measure the walls for the exact size. Take the picture with a high-resolution camera and send us the photo. Please send the photo to We will send you a proof back to see if this picture is the way you want to install on your wall. Unlimited Signs will also do the installation. Come by our shop and we can discuss your project at 72 F Grays Bridge Road, Brookfield, CT 06804