Trailer Wrap in Brookfield CT For Brookfield Police Department Raises Awareness for Child Safety

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Child safety is important, however many people overlook their children’s safety in the car, without even knowing! The Police Department in Brookfield wanted to create a vehicle wrap to raise awareness and educate people about child passenger safety. Did you know that vehicle graphics can be read by tens of thousands of people every day? Wherever you are and wherever you go, whether you’re stuck in traffic, parked in a lot, cruising along the interstate, or sitting in the gas station, your message will be read.

People notice vehicle graphics because they are bold and eye-catching. One vehicle with a professional graphics display can make millions of visual impressions in only a year. Compare that to the effectiveness and cost of a typical billboard or radio spot and you’ll see why vehicle graphics are the way forward. Make your marketing message bold, bright, and positive to get great conversions from your graphics and decals.

Consider now the message that Brookfield PD put on their trailer, “4 out of 5 car seats are installed incorrectly” and what kind of impact that will leave on parents driving behind this vehicle. This is a perfect example of how wrapping your vehicle can spread your message, especially when you consider that lettering 4” in height can be read from 100 feet away.

This is a full vehicle wrap, from top to bottom, even including the rivets. All the graphics were designed in house, and produced on industry-leading 3M Graphic Marking Film. When you pass by a billboard or hear a radio ad, it’s gone in a matter of seconds. This is not necessarily so, when you are driving surrounded by other vehicles. Whether your vehicle is in traffic or not, there is a good chance that it will be read and considered, over time, by many people.

BPD Sideview BPD Back Our professional, expert designers will help you make it the very best message you can. We are dedicated to matching your branding perfectly, so you can have your vehicle graphics designed using your exact logo and colors. With highly visible phone numbers and website info, you can inspire everyone who views your vehicles to action.