Promotional Cutout in Brookfield CT for Carrie O. Makes Event Memorable

Instagram Cutout 2

Carrie O was in our showroom taking a tour when she saw an Instagram picture-frame cutout we have on display from our fifth anniversary party. With the advent of social media outlets, cutouts like this one are becoming increasingly popular. After she expressed interest in this product, we had her meet with one of our designers right then, and they discussed the details of what Carrie’s cutout would say.

We produced the cutout as a single piece of high-quality adhesive matte vinyl and mounted it to a sheet of corrugated plastic, also called coroplast. Matte vinyl was essential for this project so that camera flashes will not create reflections as they would on gloss vinyl. We cut the sheet of coroplast to size and our production team followed the printed die-lines our designer created to know exactly where to cut the material. We went with coroplast, though foam core could have been chosen as well, as the coroplast’s higher durability was preferred. Once the center was removed, our cutout was finished and Carrie was notified.

Orders like this typically take only a day or two in production, once our design gets our customer’s approval. Our quick turnaround on these products allow our clients to obtain their promotional products with time to spare before their deadline. Our design and production teams strive to provide people with exactly the product they were expecting. We have the knowledge and experience to meet your deadlines. We will follow up with our clients to make them aware of when they are approaching that deadline, based on our production schedule.

These types of cutouts are becoming wildly popular at parties as a kind of “photo booth”. It’s an easy and fun way to commemorate who attended your event, and generate social media traffic as well. It also creates a natural way for you to create connections on social media outlets.