Trailer Wrap in Fairfield CT for Fairfield Pool Transforms Utility Vehicle

FairfieldPool Trailer

FairfieldPool Trailer Back

Our friends at Fairfield Pool are always looking for a way to increase their branding. When they bought a new forty foot long trailer, the obvious question was how to transform it into more than just a trailer. Our designers worked up a layout based on the brand identity we have helped them to establish. From there we produced the graphics on high quality vehicle wrap vinyl which we laminated with a weather-resistant coating to further protect it from UV exposure and the elements.

Once we had the trailer on our premises, our expert installers began the process of wrapping the back and sides of this trailer. We always strive to apply vinyl in as few pieces as possible, as increasing the number of seams leaves you more opportunities for water to peel the vinyl away as the adhesive is dried by the air. Using a heat gun, we can keep the vinyl pliable and prevent it from wrinkling or tearing during the installation process. Our team has years of experience in graphic installation and we will always make sure you receive your vehicle looking exactly how you expected.

During any install, you have to be ready to deal with changing circumstances. For example; this trailer was too long to get into either one of our two installation bays, so we had to adjust our scheduling with the weather. Additionally, to perform a seamless installation, we had to remove the tires to get to the metal behind them. Doing this allows the image to continue all forty feet from front to back. The finished product now fits their brand identity and is instantly identifiable. Whether hauling materials to a site or sitting in a lot, their branding will be seen by thousands of people and increase awareness of their company’s presence.

Time and again we prove to our customers that no job is too ‘out there’ for us to handle! We are a full service sign company from concept and brand identity all the way through installation and maintenance of all your signage needs. We happily accept any opportunity to make your brand pop, and to leave you with an eye catching, memorable sign or vehicle graphic.