Aluminum Signs in Danbury CT for Costco Wholesale Create Eye-Catching Display


Our local Costco Wholesale Club desired a display that would showcase their Executive Membership Program. They wanted something appealing, professional, and memorable. They wanted to create a two-panel display that would highlight the benefits of the Executive Card in a clear, concise way. After discussing their needs for this particular sign, we created a design, and showed them a digital mock-up of how this sign would look in their lobby.
Several different processes went into creating this promotional display. We started by printing the graphics on high-quality adhesive vinyl, for a durable long-lasting image. We then mounted the vinyl graphics onto aluminum sheeting with a PVC core. The aluminum sheeting is strong, durable, and weather resistant, while the PVC core allows it to have a lighter weight while yielding the necessary rigidity. the centerpiece of this display is the Costco Membership card, which we produced oversize, and mounted to PVC. the PVC was then cut, and had the corners rounded for a smooth appearance. We used Velcro to allow it to be attached to the display, and maintain the ability to change out the centerpiece on an as needed basis. This process draws your focus, and highlights the card itself, allowing it to literally jump off the board.

The finished product is an eye catching three dimensional display standing 5 feet tall. The most important part of a promotional sign is finding the best way to capture what makes your business or message unique in a memorable way. It should appear professional, and be clearly readable by passers-by. When visitors and clients walk into your business, you want them to remember you long after they’ve gone. Lobby signs and promotional displays can help you to reach that goal.

Lobby signs create lasting impressions. As well as letting people know they are welcome in your office, helping them to know what to do or who to see, your lobby sign can set the tone for the interactions. They help to make an impression that will stay with clients long after they’ve gone home.

As a full-service custom sign and graphic design company, our team can add class to your lobby or turn a simple area into a showroom that displays your business at its best.