Magnetized Menu Boards in Brookfield CT Save Time and Money

Menu Board

Now offering Menu Boards with magnetic line items! No longer do you need to order an entirely new sign every time your prices change. Add new items, or take old ones away at your discretion, with professional magnets that will adhere easily to the board. Magnetic signs can be designed to fill a line, or just big enough to change a price.

For this sign, both the line items, and their prices are separate magnets, printed on vinyl to match the color of the menu board. Utilizing these magnets allow you to rotate in seasonal offerings, change pricing on special offerings while maintaining that clean professional look your customers expect. Menu Boards can be made at any size, and customized to fit the unique identity of your business.

The Board itself is created with a thin sheet of galvanized steel, adhered to a PVC backer so it’s lightweight and easy to install. Vinyl is printed and adhered over the steel, and magnets are created to fill in menu line items and prices. Utilizing this product, you can have a completely rotating menu or list of services and never have to deal with the hassle changing your board.

Everything we do is custom created with your brand identity in mind. We can offer any size or shape you can imagine, for the board, or the magnets that go over it. You can buy as many or as few magnets as needed, or even have line items printed directly to the board that you know you will always offer, and only buy small magnets to adjust pricing as needed. Creativity is always welcome, and we will do everything in our power to make your vision a reality.

We are a one stop shop, handling projects from concept through installation and service, so you do not have to worry about finding different companies to work together on one job.