Vehicle Wrap in Westchester NY For Sharc Creative Creates A Lasting Impression


Andrew Castellano From Sharc Creative was referred to us by Carlo from Millennium Printing.

Our team always wants to exceed expectations about what signs and branding can do for your business. We are the destination for all of your signage needs, and put your needs first.

A great way to help make your business a household name or your company an industry leader is to outfit your fleet with graphics and wraps. For Andrew, we printed an eye-catching contrast of orange and blue vinyl, with white cut vinyl letters laid over for high visibility. We printed the art work, using 3M Wrap Vinyl, then laminated the prints with 3M Wrap laminate, to protect the vinyl from car washes and the harsh weather. All of our vehicle wraps are performed by a certified wrap technician.

Our professional staff consists of designers and installers who can transform an ordinary car into a company vehicle that everyone will recognize, using high-quality materials and cutting edge techniques. We will go to lengths to ensure that your car looks the best it possibly can, and have the reputation to prove it.

You can customize your vehicle wraps and fleet graphics to include your logo and company name. Graphics can cover part of the vehicle or all of the vehicle depending on which you prefer. You can choose to have your company name large across the whole vehicle. Or you might opt for a smaller graphic on the doors, while wrapping the vehicle with colors that correspond to your branding, as Andrew did.

With custom vehicle wraps and graphics, everyday tasks like going to meetings, running errands, or heading out on service calls become a form of advertising. Word of mouth spreads so you can let your vehicle do the talking. It creates a professional appearance that you simply cannot achieve any other way.